Christian Provenzano
Christian Provenzano

Christian Provenzano is a globally renowned and recognised perfumer; put simply, he is a devoted Master of his craft.


For Christian, a life in fragrance has been a continuing journey of discovery and inspiration, of creativity and revelation. This has been demonstrated by the astonishing and outstanding success he has experienced in the last forty years working for the most decadent and renown global brands; the ‘best kept’ secret behind their global and award winning fragrances.

The 'Perfumers Collection' is a dynamic and exciting new signature collection personally crafted by Christian Provenzano. It will be of little surprise to the global fragrance market that Christian has created fragrances of such outstanding quality and refinement as he has been doing this for his global clients for years.

A true reflection of Christian’s astounding ability to create cohesive and meaningful collections, 'The Perfumers Collection' is a fabulous and unique reflection of his extensive knowledge of raw ingredients and of the craft of creating stunning, superior quality scents.